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We the Owners of the Red White and Brew Beer Company, in order to form a more perfect local community, establish a precedent of environmentally friendly practices, ensure the utilization of high-quality ingredients, bequeath artisanal brews for our fellow citizens of Camden and Gloucester Counties, promote craft brewing education, and uphold the standards of beer to a higher palette, do ordain and establish this microbrewery in honor of the greatest country on the face of the earth: The United States of America.

Christopher Bauman

Erik Hage

Stephen Picone

Mark Schneider

Get to know the founding fathers of Red White and Brew!

Chris Bauman

CEO, Brewer

While studying in undergrad, Chris started home brewing and fell in love. An engineer by trade, Chris enjoys the precision required to create a consistent quality brew. His passion for beer is match only by his determination to convince you that Crossfit is not a cult, while simultaneously pressuring you to join.

Erik Hage

Brewer, Webmaster

Erik was raised in a small business family, which instilled his passion for self employment and independence. Owning his own business has always been Erik's dream, especially one that involves his favorite hobby, brewing!

Stephen Picone


One afternoon during their undergrad studies, Chris asked Steve if he'd like to help him brew some beer. Steve had nothing better going on that day, so he agreed. Brewing opened up a world of creative possibilities that Steve had never known before, and he's been working with Chris ever since.

Mark Schneider


Mark has always enjoyed a quality craft beer. After graduating engineering school at Rowan, Mark had a strong desire to become involved in a business. When Chris approached him regarding a brewery, it was a perfect fit.


Those who have contributed time or capital, truly great people!

Christina Hillen

Rob Collins

Darren Zanes

Sebastian Dawson

Dwight Evans

Robert Mullin

Ray White

Jesse Watson

Brian Hall

Gary Seagraves

Edward Rice

Steven Rock

Ron Orbin

John Fitzgerald

Chris Marino

Greg Asselta

Bryan Gassler

Scott Murphy

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