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Checks and Balances
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7.0% | 65 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Roasted malt, hint of citrus
A bright and hoppy West Coast IPA with strong malt character and generous Columbus, Cascade and Amarillo hops. Dry Hopped with Amarillo for pleasant citrus flavor and aroma.

Paul's Midnight Ride
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5.0% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
roasted coffee, malt
A traditional porter brewed with generous amounts of dark roasted malts and balanced with East Kent Goldings hops. On Nitro- Smooth and sessionable with distinct notes of dark roast coffee. A touch of cocoa on the nose.

Give Me Liberty

5.5% | 40 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Light, Herbal, Floral
OR GIVE ME DEATH! On second thought, a nice smooth Kolsch would be fine. Brewed with a hefty amount of German Noble Hops which lend a moderate, yet lingering bitterness and subtle spice.

Wittelsbach Loophole

4.9% | 11 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Light malt, cloves & banana
A traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen, brewed with wheat malt and noble hops. A refreshingly light flavor with hints of clove and banana that come from the specialized yeast used in the fermentation process.

Call Your M.O.M.

-Pale Ale-
5.0% | 40 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Light, bright, tropical fruits & citrus
A pale ale made solely with Maris Otter malt and Mosaic hops. Hop-forward, light, and very drinkable, with bright tropical and citrus flavors and aromas but low bitterness.

Peer Pressure

-Hard Seltzer-
4.5% | 16oz | $7.00
Sugary cavity juice
All the cool kids have a hard seltzer and now we do too! Enjoy this refreshing gluten-free hard seltzer in a variety of rotating flavors! This months flavor- COLA

Affix The Stamp
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-English Style Mild Ale -
4.1% | 10 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
roasty, Earl Grey, malty
A sessionable amber Mild ale conditioned on Earl Grey tea leaves. The flavors of the tea compliment the biscuit flavors of the malty ale, while slight bergamot citrus brightens everything up.

Vapor Transmissions
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-Crushable Pale Ale-
4.7% | 10 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Lemon meringue, grapefruit pith, wildflower meadows
Brewed with red wheat, and hopped with Cascade in the kettle, then a healthy dry-hop of Cryo Amarillo, a citrusy and crushable pale ale

Phandemic Brew
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-Tailgate Lager-
4.2% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
crisp, floral, woody. PLAY BALL!
Brewed in collaboration with our friends @Phandemic_Krew This beer is crisp & easy drinking and won't wreck your palate, without sacrificing flavor. A light dry-hop of Czech Saaz imparts pleasant floral and woody aromas. Currently Available for Can Pours - Draft will be back for Opening Day!

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-Single Malt Single Hop Pale Ale-
4.7% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Creamsicle & fresh-cut grass
Brewed with a Single Malt (Maris Otter) & Single Hop (Sasquatch). Sasquatch is a wild grown Canadian hop with notes of citrus, cream, and green grass. The simple base recipe allows this new-to-us hop to shine!

Just a Haze - Citra Mosaic
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-Hazy IPA-
7.2% | 10 IBUs | 13oz | $7.00
Citrus, berry, soft
Just A Haze is back on draft! Our hazy oat and wheat not-quite a double IPA has returned, this time with a healthy dose of Citra and Mosaic in the kettle and the dry-hop for equal parts grapefruit and blueberry. Super fruity, pillowy soft.

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-Dry-Hopped Blonde Wheat Ale-
4.7% | 25 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Pleasant notes of floral and citrus .
Brewed to celebrate the life of Andrew Husenica and to benefit the Andrew Husenica Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to members of the Haddonfield Memorial High School Lacrosse program who exemplify Coach Huse’s dedication to others and achievement in the classroom as well as on the field. A simple blonde ale with the addition of a touch of raw white wheat for body, and thoughtfully dry-hopped with Czech Saaz. Pleasant notes of floral and citrus .

Red White & Brewtal

-Thiolized American IPA-
5.9% | 18 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Guava, papaya, blast beats
Brewed with a moderate portion of rice, and hopped in the mash, whirlpool, and dry-hopped entirely with Cascade. We used Helio Gazer, a modified yeast that allows for tropical and hyper-fruity aromatics from boosted thiols.

Beer Treats

Our Beer Blended with a Variety of Seasonal Fruit Juices and Syrups

16oz | $8.00
Our beer blended with fresh lemonade
Recommended Bases: Wittelsbach Loophole

Raspberry Lemonade
16oz | $7.00
Our beer blended with fresh raspberry lemonade
Recommended Bases: Wittelsbach Loophole

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