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Pours | $6.00-$7.00
Samples | $2.50-$3.00
Flights (choose 4) | $10.00

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Checks and Balances

7.0% | 65 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Roasted malt, hint of citrus
A traditional East Coast IPA with strong malt character and generous Chinook, Cascade and Amarillo hops. Dry Hopped with Amarillo for pleasant citrus flavor and aroma.

Rosie's Red

-Amber Ale-
6.0% | 37 IBUs | 16oz | $6.00
caramel, spice, balanced
An easy-drinking red ale with a healthy dose of Cascade and Centennial hops. The hop character serves to balance considerable amounts of caramel and Munich malts.

Paul's Midnight Ride

5.0% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $6.00
roasted coffee, malt
A traditional porter brewed with generous amounts of dark roasted malts and balanced with East Kent Goldings hops. Smooth and sessionable with distinct notes of dark roast coffee. A touch of cocoa on the nose.

Give Me Liberty

5.5% | 40 IBUs | 16oz | $6.00
Light, Herbal, Floral
OR GIVE ME DEATH! On second thought, a nice smooth Kolsch would be fine. Brewed with a hefty amount of German Noble Hops which lend a moderate, yet lingering bitterness and subtle spice.

Wittelsbach Loophole

4.9% | 11 IBUs | 16oz | $6.00
Light malt, cloves & banana
A traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen, brewed with wheat malt and noble hops. A refreshingly light flavor with hints of clove and banana that come from the specialized yeast used in the fermentation process.

Uncle Sam's

-Wee Heavy-
8.5% | 26 IBUs | 13oz | $7.00
Malty, sweet, rich
This beer wants You to drink up! Legend has it that the iconic Uncle Sam was based on a Scottish meat packer from New York named Samuel Wilson. He supplied thousands of pounds of beef and pork during the War of 1812. Our Scottish Wee Heavy follows traditional guidelines using a Scottish water profile, floor-malted Maris Otter base malt, roasted barley, and caramel malts. This is a strong malt-dominated beer with a sweet caramel finish and little hop aroma.

Blood of CĂș Chulainn

-Irish Red Ale-
5.4% | 22 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Malty, caramel-sweet, slight hop bitterness
Full-flavored and fully drinkable, our Irish red ale is brewed in the traditional fashion. Notes of caramel, molasses, and sweet malt coalesce with the slightest bite of hop bitterness to create an ale that tastes great and goes down easy.

Rapturous Delight
-Golden Stout -
7.7% | 20 IBUs | 13oz | $7.00
Sweet, chocolate, coffee
Designed to trick your senses - this Golden Stout has the appearance of a light, golden ale with the flavor of rich and decadent stout. All of a sudden up is down and left is right and nothing makes sense!

Philsner O'Bruen

5.0% | 33 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Crisp, clean, smooth
Originally brewed to celebrate our phavorite beertender Phil's birthday, our take on a classic pilsner is crisp, smooth, easy drinking. Expect bright, clean malt flavors with a hint of hoppy bitterness at the finish.

I Can't Oat For That

-Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale-
8.9% | 13oz | $7.00
cacao, chocolatey breakfast cereal
Brewed with flaked oats, honey malt, and a complex blend of dark specialty malts, this heavy hitter delivers a full, silky mouthfeel with notes of cacao and chocolatey breakfast cereal.

Delaware Crossing

-Blackstrap Molasses Stout-
6.0% | 50 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
light roast coffee, rich dark cacao, caramel malts
Delaware Crossing is a revolutionary style American stout, brewed with specialty low-bitterness black malt and fermented with blackstrap molasses. The result is an exceedingly drinkable, but nearly opaque black ale with rich dark cacao notes in the nose, caramel maltiness and flavors of light roast coffee.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

-Farmhouse Ale-
4.9% | 5 IBUs | 13oz | $6.00
Cranberry, citrus, rosewater
Three-grain Farmhouse Ale with lemon peel & hibiscus. Bright citrus acidity meets notes of cranberry tartness and rosewater for a light & fruity yet complex sipper.

Chug 4 Initiative

-Farmhouse Ale-
4.5% | 13oz | $6.00
Melon, dewy meadows
Sessionable purple-hued Nordic farmhouse ale with local wildflower honey and butterfly pea flower.

Myld Stallyns

-Nitro Mild Ale-
4.5% | 10 IBUs | 6oz | $6.00
English muffins, black tea, caramel candies
A biscuity, toasty blend of specialty malts fermented with English ale yeast and poured on a nitro tap for a softer and creamier mouthfeel. Be excellent to each other!

Temple of Hathor

-Fruited IPA-
6.8% | 10 IBUs | 13oz | $7.00
citrus, guava, sweet plantain
Curuba and Pink Boots hop blend combine for juicy notes of guava, sweet plantain, and citrus. A full mouthfeel owing to oats, wheat, and spelt in the mash.

Beer Treats

Our Beer Blended with a Variety of Seasonal Fruit Juices and Syrups

Gritty Sunrise
16oz | $7.00
Our beer with a delicious blend of Orange and Grapefruit Juices with a sweet Cherry syrup sunrise. #selltheteam
Recommended Bases: Wittelsbach Loophole

16oz | $7.00
Our beer blended with fresh lemonade
Recommended Bases: Wittelsbach Loophole

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