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Checks and Balances

7.0% | 65 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Roasted malt, hint of citrus
A bright and hoppy West Coast IPA with strong malt character and generous Columbus, Cascade and Amarillo hops. Dry Hopped with Amarillo for pleasant citrus flavor and aroma.

Paul's Midnight Ride

5.0% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
roasted coffee, malt
A traditional porter brewed with generous amounts of dark roasted malts and balanced with East Kent Goldings hops. Smooth and sessionable with distinct notes of dark roast coffee. A touch of cocoa on the nose.

Give Me Liberty

5.5% | 40 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Light, Herbal, Floral
OR GIVE ME DEATH! On second thought, a nice smooth Kolsch would be fine. Brewed with a hefty amount of German Noble Hops which lend a moderate, yet lingering bitterness and subtle spice.

Wittelsbach Loophole

4.9% | 11 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Light malt, cloves & banana
A traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen, brewed with wheat malt and noble hops. A refreshingly light flavor with hints of clove and banana that come from the specialized yeast used in the fermentation process.

Uncle Sam's

-Wee Heavy-
8.5% | 26 IBUs | 16oz | $8.00
Malty, sweet, rich
Currently on Cask or Try our '22 Vintage aged in a Rye Whiskey Barrel from Blue Rascal Distillery! Our Scottish Wee Heavy follows traditional guidelines using a Scottish water profile, floor-malted Maris Otter base malt, roasted barley, and caramel malts. This is a strong malt-dominated beer with a sweet caramel finish and little hop aroma.

Belgian Strönk

-Belgian Strong-
10.0% | 24 IBUs | 13oz | $8.50
Strong, spicy, robust
Celebrate Red White & Brew's first anniversary with our strongest brew yet. Stronk is a traditional Belgian Golden Strong that highlights the fruity esters and spicy, complex flavors from Abbey Ale Yeasts. Well balanced with floral aroma from Golding and Saaz Hops along with a dry finish, this beer is extremely drinkable despite its deceptive 10.0% ABV.

Barrel Aged Uncle Sam's

-Wee Heavy-
8.5% | 7 IBUs | 13oz | $8.00
warmth, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla
2022 Uncle Sam’s Wee Heavy aged in a Rye Whiskey barrel from Blue Rascal Distillery. Major notes of caramel, cinnamon and vanilla blended nicely with the original malt of our winter seasonal.

Vapor Transmissions

-Crushable Pale Ale-
4.7% | 10 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Lemon meringue, grapefruit pith, wildflower meadows
Brewed with red wheat, and hopped with Cascade in the kettle, then a healthy dry-hop of Cryo Amarillo, a citrusy and crushable pale ale

New Fang

-Pub Ale-
4.4% | 25 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Biscuity malt, mellow notes of dank pine resin.
Inspired by English cask ale, brewed with a blend of caramel malts and kettle hopped with East Kent Goldings, we flew in freshly harvested Amarillo from @crosbyhops and got them in the beer less than 24 hours after they were in the field! Biscuity malt, mellow notes of dank pine resin. We’re seriously stoked for this!

Bier Blanc Et Rouge

-French Saison-
6.8% | 10 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Oaked wine, floral, tart berry
3-grain French Saison, brewed with Barbe Rouge hops. In collaboration with Cafe le Jardin.

Alt Girls Love Blood Sick Psychosis

5.8% | 10 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Malty, Smokey

Belgian Stronk Barrel Aged

-Barrel Aged Belgian Strong-
10.0% | 5 IBUs | 13oz | $8.45
Baked pears, warm, vanilla
Our Anniversary Belgian Strong aged in a beautiful Wheat Whiskey Barrel for 10 months. Pear and apple on the nose meld with warm vanilla notes and an effervescent mouthfeel


-Single Malt Single Hop Pale Ale-
4.7% | 30 IBUs | 16oz | $7.00
Creamsicle & fresh-cut grass
Brewed with a Single Malt (Maris Otter) & Single Hop (Sasquatch). Sasquatch is a wild grown Canadian hop with notes of citrus, cream, and green grass. The simple base recipe allows this new-to-us hop to shine!

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